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Research shows it takes 66 days to form a new habit. We’re giving you 68 to lock in and form a habit you won’t regret – feeling superfly.

Our superfly challenge comes up every year and the competition is motivated. Starting Tuesday, September 5, you have 68 days to hit 40 classes at Fly. That means you have until November 11 to get that new habit fully formed and moving you forward. Once you hit 40 classes, you can pick one Fly-branded item of your choice from our boutique (and bragging rights). First come, first served.  

How do I register?

  1. Click here to register and commit to the challenge (IT’S FREE).  Registration closes Tuesday, September 12 at 11:59PM.  


  1. Who can participate? Anyone in the Fly community can join the challenge.
  2. Do I need to pay to participate? No – this challenge is free!
  3. Can I do more than 1 class a day to count toward the superfly challenge? Sorry, but only 1 class per day counts toward the challenge.
  4. How do I track my classes? Log in to your MindBody profile and classes attended can be viewed. You can also see your progress on the superfly challenge board on display next to the cycling studio door.
  5. What happens if I don’t make 40 classes? If you don’t get to 40 classes, don’t stress. The fact that you commit and work toward this challenge should make you proud.

Make a change for good this fall with the superfly challenge.

Questions? Email us at flystudio@feelsfly.com


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