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We are really good at picturing our future – goals met flawlessly, living our best life with perfect execution.  BUT, it’s the gritty process of making them happen that we’re not so good at enduring sometimes. The journey to your goals is almost always imperfect. For example, you want to run a marathon, so you make a color-coded calendar with your training miles, set off on the path & then…..you get tired or busy & start missing days or even weeks. But here’s the thing: it doesn’t really matter that you missed those days. It matters that you don’t miss the next day. Or that you lace up your shoes right now & do as many miles as you can in this moment.


If we give ourselves a little grace & stop requiring perfection in our journeys of growth, we will get to our goals quicker & a whole lot happier. Here’s a few ways you can get back on track right this second:


  1. Drop what you’re doing & make a move. Even a small one. Make a phone call, go for a run, update your resume, do something. Inaction will only result in stay far from your goals. We’re not talking about a to do list, we’re talking about an action.
  2. Break down those big goals into smaller actions. Make these actions ones that you can actually do at this moment. Don’t make a “to do” that is impossible to accomplish right away. If you put something like “become a better friend” on your to do list, all that you actually accomplish is feeling bad that you haven’t actually done that yet. But, you can text a friend you haven’t talked to in awhile.
  3. Make a motivational playlist. Yes, we’re serious. Sometimes you just need to get out of your head & into the right energy! Make a playlist to pick you up & make you feel ready to chase down those goals.
  4. Celebrate the victories. Don’t focus on what you haven’t accomplished, think of what you have. If you haven’t even made one single move, think about what skills or resources you have that will help you along the way. Be positive, be relentless, know that your time will come.


Today is the day. Right now is the moment. It doesn’t have to be perfection, it just has to be progress.

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