The FLY Story.

Fly was started from a deep passion for fitness and wellness, the idea that fitness could and should be a lifestyle. This vision for a positive, fun and healthy community is what Fly was founded on. Learn more about Fly founder Dr. Jenni Bruning Brown and the team of rockstar instructors at Fly.


T H E   F A C E S   O F   F L Y 

Fly’s instructors are ROCKSTARS.

Jenni Bruning Brown

Founder, Master Instructor

Morgan Horton

Studio Director, Instructor

Alix Adams

Instructor, flyhigh, flycircuit, flyphysique

Kim Barrett

Master Instructor, flyhigh, Instructor, flyride, flyfusion

Sara Brooke

Instructor, flyride, flyyoga

Lauren Bruning

Instructor, flyhigh, flycircuit

Lindsey Bumann

Instructor, flyphysique

Alex Hergenrader

Instructor, flyride, flyphysique, barrefusion

Michelle Jenkins

Instructor, flyphysique, flyride

Emily Jessen

Instructor, flyphysique, barrefusion

Mackenzie Matlack

Instructor, flyride

Landon Mattison

Instructor, flyhigh

Jess McEwen

Instructor, flyformer, flyfusion, flyride, flycircuit, flyhigh

Sarah McCurley

Master Instructor, flyphysique, Instructor, barrefusion

Natalie Micale

Instructor, flyride, flyhigh

Erin Ng

Instructor, flyride

Kerri Otto

Instructor, flyfire, flyride, flyhigh

Lisa Pedersen

Instructor, flyride

Wendy Samson

Master Instructor flyphysique, Instructor, flyyoga, flyformer

Anna Schoettger

Instructor, flyride

Lisa Tessendorf

Instructor, flyride, flyphysique, flyhigh

Julie Toalson

Instructor, flyburn

Brianne Bayer

Instructor, flyyoga

Jenny Libov

Instructor, flyphysique

Emily Meyers

Instructor, flyride

Karmen Owens

Instructor, flyphysique

Erin Stanczyk

Instructor, flyphysique, flyride, barrefusion


Our signature kickin’ cycling class uses cardio endurance-building drills aimed to shock your body and build strength.


Our ultra-efficient, calorie torching high intensity strength and interval series won’t leave any muscle unworked.


Our revolutionary sculpting classes will transform your physique through vigorous full-body exercises.