Fly Fitness | Fargo & Osgood

Fly is more than a workout: it’s a lifestyle.  You’ll come to move your body and sweat, but you’ll leave with more, feeling inspired and strong from the inside out. Join our electric Fargo & Osgood communities to find your wings.


Fly Fitness Fargo is located at 235 Roberts Street in downtown Fargo. Fly Fitness Osgood is located at 4674 40th Ave S near Osgood.


W I N G S   O U T.

fly fargo

235 Roberts St N

fly osgood

4674 40th Avenue South

T H E   F A C E S   O F   F L Y 

Here are our ROCKSTARS.

Michelle Cody

Studio Director, Cycle & HIIT Instructor

Bryn Irey

Assistant Manager, Cycle & HIIT Instructor

Allison Hoeg

Cycle & HIIT Instructor

Anne Grande

Cycle & HIIT Instructor

Bailey Johanson

Cycle & HIIT Instructor

Chase Johnson

Barre & Cycle Instructor

Hannah Olson

Cycle & HIIT Instructor

Kristen Hayes

Barre & Cycle Instructor

Sara Mack

Cycle Instructor

Sophie Cody

Cycle Instructor

Tarah Dahl

HIIT Instructor

Tina Wehri

Barre, Reformer & Yoga Instructor


Our signature rhythm-based cycling class uses cardio endurance-building drills aimed to strengthen your body and mind


Our ultra-efficient, calorie torching high intensity strength and interval series won’t leave any muscle unworked.


Our revolutionary Pilates, barre & yoga classes will transform your physique through increased flexibility & strength in underworked areas.