Our inspiring, high-energy cycling classes are set to amazing playlists and challenge you to reach your highest fitness potential. All classes are designed to give you a motivating, positive experience that will totally engage you and give you an incredible workout leaving you drenched. Come sweat with us!

flyride – endurance building cycling.

Flyride is our signature kickin’ spin class. Using cardio endurance-building drills aimed to shock your body,’ flyride will inspire you with amazing tunes and moves choreographed to the rhythm of the music. Each full-body ride hits your core and arms (using weights), and is specifically designed to give you a killer full-body workout that incorporates both mental and physical components.

flyfusion – cycling + circuits.  the best of both worlds.

Available only at Fly, this 60-minute hybrid class of flyride + flyhigh (high intensity circuit training) is a real behind kicker. First, fire it up on your bike then finish off your workout with another 30 minutes of flyhigh circuit training to work and strengthen your entire body. A full-body workout that will leave you drenched and totally addicted.

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Our ultra-efficient, calorie torching high intensity strength series won’t leave any muscle unworked. These classes burn the maximum calories, use the latest techniques to enhance muscle endurance and strengthen your entire body.

flyfire – HIIT (cardio & strength training intervals).

Our flyfire high intensity interval class could easily be called one of the most efficient total body workouts you’ll ever do. Short burst, high intensity, calorie torching timed intervals including plyometrics, along with tools such as benches, body bars, and weights will ensure that your entire body is worked.

flyhigh – HIIT (cardio & strength circuits with a treadmill option).

This is what you call extreme cross training! Our total body circuit challenge uses treadmills combined with a variety of weights and TRX bands. Not only will you have a great time with your posse, but you might just work harder than you have ever imagined possible. You’ll tap into your inner beast in this one, as you’ll be working it out alongside others but you’ll also love the amazing sense of camaraderie (and the insane results from that extra push!)

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Our revolutionary sculpting classes will transform your physique through vigorous full-body exercises that lengthen and strengthen the body. You’ll go deep, systematically challenging every muscle and conditioning your body while boosting your metabolic rate and cardiovascular endurance. Expect high-energy playlists, props and form-focused attention. With regular attendance at our sculpting classes, you’ll start to fall in love with the way you carry yourself both inside and out of the studio.

flyphysique – hard core barre.

Our signature sculpting class uses fun and focused full-body exercises to target the butt, abs, arms, thighs, and back. You’ll fly through low-impact intervals, overloading the muscles and then releasing them with a quick release stretch. By activating deep muscles in the body, you’ll walk away feeling longer, more symmetrical, and that sweet amount of sore. This class will help you reach your new highest potential with a dynamic, fast-paced class that leaves you stronger and leaner. Beginners and pros alike, be ready. No tutus required.

flyyoga – all levels yoga // yoga for rockstars.

This yoga class ensures that no muscle is under or over trained, creating true balance in the body and eliminating pesky (and potential injury causing) muscular tension. Through resistance, flexibility, and yoga exercises, flyyoga works the body in a no-impact way to maximize your Fly workouts in a safe and smart way. Trust us, your mind and body will thank you.

flyburn – total body conditioning.

This 1-hour, total body conditioning class consisting of little to no impact but insane results. You’ll first fire up the core, legs and arms in the barre studio using our signature fly props (resistance bands, weights & balls) to target each muscle group. You’ll then take it into the HIIT studio for a slow, deep targeted full body burn. flyburn doesn’t include fly’s signature hard core cardio, but you’ll get your heart pumping and work up a killer sweat as you feel the burn.

hot flyyoga – yoga intensified.

Ignite your inner fire with Fly’s detoxing, intense and powerful hot yoga series.  Fly’s hot yoga will ensure balance in the body while focusing on postures through resistance, dynamic movement and power.  Set to motivating music, fly’s hot yoga will invigorate you, making you feel strong, powerful and balanced.

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50-minute sessions on Pilates reformer machines. Private sessions are specifically tailored to your physical needs. Specific target goals, injuries or those simply looking to master their technique and maximize potential.


 private training pricing

Book your private sessions, or save with packages. Contact to book your first private or team session.

Multiple sessions per week over time for incredible changes

private  |  group

 1 session $50      |  $40
5 sessions $240    |  $190
10 sessions $450  |  $350
20 sessions $840 |  $640

*flyformer sessions available at SOLNK location
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Book a private, VIP class for you and your friends with one of our rockstar instructors in the class style of your choice. During your class time, the studio will be reserved for your VIP group only. You’ll have complete access to our fitness space, our showers, and receive a pre- or post-class beverages (alcoholic or non-alcoholic depending on age restrictions). Hang out in our lounge areas or our luxury boutique after class is finished and keep the party going.


VIP classes at fly

Class options include 45-minute cycle, HIIT, yoga or barre classes. All classes are a full-body workout set to a killer playlist. Choose your instructor and your music, or let us build the perfect class just for you.

class sizes

 flyride         |  max of 34
flyhigh         |  max of 21
flyphysique |  max of 18
flyyoga         |  max of 16

VIP classes offsite

Interested in hosting a Fly class at your location? We’d love to bring our signature high-intensity, barre or yoga classes to you.


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