When your A/C is running strong, the new season of your favorite show has dropped on Netflix & your couch is looking comfier than ever, it’s easy to talk yourself out of your workout. While we love & respect a rest day as much as anyone else, we’ve come to realize that the rest day can easily become a rest month when you start talking yourself out of hitting the gym. When motivation is waning & that Midwestern humidity is hanging in the air like a wet blanket, we turn to these four tips to talk ourselves into the goals we’ve set for ourselves!


  1. Take out the decision-making. When it comes to prioritizing your workout, you have to do just that. Don’t view the hour before your workout is scheduled as a time to think about whether you should go or not. Treat it just like a work meeting, class or dinner plans with a friend: as a fixed item on your calendar, not up for discussion.
  2. Think about the endorphins. It’s easy to think about the hard work, the sweat & the heart-pounding cardio when class is about to start. Focus instead on that end feeling, that do-anything, be-anything rush of power that comes from 45 minutes of hard work. Focus on the reward at the end of class.
  3. Shout your commitment. Enlist a workout buddy, tell your coworker you have to leave at 5PM, or schedule your happy hour for post-sweat session. Saying your commitment out loud to another person makes it feel a little more real & can put another person on your side for keeping your schedule.
  4. Make a goal that isn’t about looks or weight. Creating a positive mindset starts with an end goal that is something you can feel. Make your goal to be a new pace on the treadmill, better sleep patterns or increased focus at work. When you focus on the benefits beyond your body, it will become a crucial part of your week.


Don’t miss out on a healthy dose of Fly to keep those endorphins popping. Talk yourself into your workout this week. Plus, we’ve got theme classes every week that will have you craving that time on the bike. See you in the studio soon!

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