5 Tips for a Balanced Workout Routine

We all know by now that creating a balanced workout routine is the most sure-fire way to build consistency and start seeing results in your progress. Flexibility is important, but when you prioritize your routine, it makes execution that much more second nature.

Now our Fly team has been bringing you your daily dose of sweat for eight years and we’ve been using data, research and the very real experiences of our community to create variety and balance in our class schedule.

When you’re setting the right schedule for you this fall, here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Active rest is an essential ingredient. Walks, candlelight yoga, stretching sessions, all important ways to recover and keep your body feeling good.

2. Strength classes are your secret weapon. Cardio can be euphoric and is crucial for your endurance and heart health, but strength (burn, HIIT, barre, Pilates) is going to improve your overall flexibility, strength, tone – everything. Do not miss this format a couple times each week. 

3. What works for you is what works best. Forcing another person’s training schedule upon yourself isn’t sustainable. Find the classes you love that you want to stick with and that’s the best possible recipe for success. 

4. Overtraining has the opposite effect of what you’re hoping for. No one needs 7 days of high-intensity exercise or to double multiple days of the week. If you don’t give your body time to recover (especially after formats like HIIT), your body goes into fight or flight and you stop building muscle as efficiently or can even risk injury, taking you completely out of your training schedule. 

5. Pick a time and be consistent. When you know a certain time of day works for you, stick with it as many days as possible so that it becomes your daily routine. 

We all get results in slightly different ways from each other. This is your time to trial some new class times, formats, and start inching your way to the sweat routine that helps you feel strong, empowered, and positive – not just for a month, but for the long haul.
Start booking your best week today and try our 2 week unlimited Try Fly if you’re a new client to build a routine that works for you.

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