5 Ways Your Morning Workout Is Setting You Up for Success

You may have decided that you’re just not a morning person or when it comes to the alarm, you’re all snooze and no rise-and-shine. Committing to the morning workout routine can be a tough transition, but for many, the benefits outweigh the challenge of change. Still not sure that pre-sunrise alarm is worth it? Here are a few ways that shifting to a morning sweat during the week can set you up for success. 

Set the tone for your day. If you rise & shine, you’re starting your day off with an immediate win. Start your day with a great sweat & move through the rest empowered by following through on your commitment with a healthy beginning.

Sun shining on a row of treadmills

Get your metabolism moving early. Morning workouts can activate your metabolism earlier in the day, so you can reap the benefits of your sweat for more hours!

Remove the possibility of scheduling conflicts. Things pop up that might interfere with a lunch or evening workout, but if you know your schedule can be unpredictable, setting a day or two aside for non-negotiable me-time can help you own your schedule.

Work with your circadian rhythm. This is totally dependent on the individual, but pay attention to the times of day you feel most energized & create a workout schedule that will help push you past your slumps & keep you focused all day long. 

Master the efficient morning. If you’re someone who gets ready for the day with a little hair or makeup routine, skip the double shower and go straight for a one-prep day to save a little more of your getting ready time. 

We always say, the best workout is the one that works for you. Observe your lifestyle & create a schedule that leaves you feeling energized, empowered & ready to take on the rest of your day. Check your studio for the latest in morning sweat at your local Fly to starting rising and shining this week!

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