You don’t have to be a pro to have a killer time when you clip into your bike. But, there a few tips for cycle class that will help you get the most out of your sweat session on the bike.

1. Stay hydrated. And this is crucial: do not forget the water. Our cycling classes are full of sweaty energy, and you’re going to want to replenish that work throughout class, whether it’s a 30- or 45-minute class.

Need a general rule of thumb? Drink about as many 1/2 to 1 ounce of water per every pound you weigh each day.

2. Get the right setup. Your bike setup can make or break your cycling class experience. Not only does the right setup prevent injury but it helps you maximize your performance & nail all the choreography. Here’s our guide to setting up your bike.

3. Find your sweat buddy. Whether you sign up with a friend or introduce yourself to your bike neighbor, the energy doubles in class when you’re connected with the people around you & lifting each other up.

4. Make sure you’ve got the ‘fit that feels good. From shoes that feel just right to breathable clothes that give you the freedom to Fly – don’t underestimate the power of athleisure that makes you feel good.

5. Warmup & don’t skip the stretch. Taking a few minutes to get used to your bike and staying for the after stretch do matter.

Your pre- and post-class routine helps you stay committed & keeps you from avoidable soreness. It also can increase flexibility in those oh-so important moments where your body is warm and muscles are in that perfect position for stretching.

6. Introduce yourself to the team. The Fly Team is here to take care of you, so say hello to the front desk & your instructor & welcome to the family.

Just remember these tips for cycle class so you can feel amazing while you get your sweat on.

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