Winter is in full swing, your new year’s resolutions are weeks in the rear view mirror & your motivation is at an all-time low. Enter: Fly’s Earn Your Wings Challenge 2020 (sign up here). Our 5th annual 30-day challenge is design to boost your motivation, help you kick start a new healthy habit & launch you into spring with a refreshed attitude & a supportive community behind you.



Earn Your Wings challenges you to sweat with us 20 out of 30 days, beginning February 10 and ending in March. Only those determined to finish will earn their EYW 2020 status & get some exclusive challenge swag to prove it.



Signing up for the challenge is free. Complete our online challenge form to sign up (here) & make sure your membership is active. New to Fly? Our New Client Special is just $129 and will give you unlimited class for 30 days – the perfect tool for success in the Earn Your Wings Challenge. This membership also gets you free cycle shoe rental, laundry service, 2 guest passes to refer your friends & 10% off the Fly boutique so you can pick out a little reward to meet you at the finish line. Any membership type is eligible for the challenge.

Explore our membership types by selecting your first class & creating a MindBody profile (here).



We can’t recommend booking ahead enough. Plot out your 20 days (and leave some extra wiggle room for those last-minute schedule changes that might pop up on your calendar) & book up to 2 weeks of classes in advance. Better yet? Recruit a challenge buddy & hold each other accountable for this month-long challenge.


Explore our membership types now & get committed for February. Want to lock in your dedication? Email the front desk ( or call us at 402.477.5359 to sign up for the challenge & set up your membership to start on the first day of the challenge.


It’s time to Earn Your Wings.

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