23 Ideas for Positive Habits

Making strides toward a healthier lifestyle is such a worthy pursuit. To make it further, faster, a lot of people tell you to subtract: less sleep = more productive time, less snacks = healthier diet, less screen time = a more connected self. While none of these things are inherently good or bad on their own (everyone’s mental, physical & emotional health needs something a little different), the act of withholding, or in more extremes, deprivation, can leave us feeling stressed and emptier.

You don’t have to have perfect discipline or a 4-hour morning routine to reach wellness enlightenment. We asked some of our Fly community what they add to their life to feel happier, healthier & more satisfied, and left feeling inspired, so we wanted to share 23 ideas for positive habits of their tips with you.

There was mindfulness.

“I often meditate before or after working out, depending on my day. Even just 5-10 minutes. You can meditate anywhere: car, Starbucks, Chipotle.” – Michelle Jenkins

“I’ve been calling [this] my ‘check-in moment.’ Breathe & check into my body-mind awareness.” – Wendy Samson

“Take little mini-meditation breaks throughout your day to practice mindful relaxation! You don’t have to sit in meditation for hours at a time to experience the benefits on your mood and stress levels. Examples I use are looking up at the sky and taking a few deep breaths while sitting at a red light, or play calming music throughout the day while you work as a reminder to breathe deeply and intentionally.” – Sara Brooke

“I try to always talk nice to myself!” – Karmen Owens

“Before you walk into Fly, ask yourself specifically, what do I need from this workout today? Is it stress relief? Is it the positive culture? Is it bumpin’ music or is it pushing your limits? Know this before you walk in those doors and honor it. Don’t just go through the motions. ” – Kim Barrett

There was a little treat yoself self-care.

“Putting your face wipes in the fridge is so nice for after cycling!” – Mackenzie Matlack

“I get a deep tissue massage once a month and sit in pigeon pose while finishing patient charts at night.” – Kerri Otto

There were important culinary choices.

“I eat carbs/protein combo within 20-30 minutes of exercise completion.”

“I look forward to my Chipotle burrito every Tuesday after I’m done teaching.” – Jenni Bruning Brown

There was outside connection. 

“I don’t rush out of the gym after class because it is a time for me to say hi to friends – often the only time in my life at the present moment.” – Michelle Jenkins

“Being away from my phone any time I’m with the kiddos.” – Kerri Otto

“Be a friendly face to everyone. You will make a lot of friends and Fly will become more than just a gym. Gyms are easy to skip, your happy place is not!” – Kim Barrett

“I try to have a conversation with someone in my family to stay connected. And I also love to diffuse some essential oil when I go to sleep.” – Frannie Hollinger

“I’ve been making a concentrated effort to reach out to one person I love every week. It doesn’t have to be a 45-minute phone call or dinner,  sometimes it’s just a text to reconnect me to the people that fill me with joy & let them know I’m thinking of them. I’m also trying to stop saying ‘let’s get coffee’ and immediately scheduling it instead.” –  Morgan Horton

There was musical bliss.

“On my walk to go workout, I always listen to the Greatest Showman (and only the Greatest Showman lol) because it seriously has some amazing vocals and always always always makes me happy, which is where I want to be mentally before doing exercise! I mainly listen to ‘Rewrite the Stars’, ‘This is Me’ & ‘From Now On’. I’ll do this on days I’m just no feelin’ like myself too!” – Alex Roberts

“I zen out to some instrumental music daily.” – Kim Barrett

There were routines that lay a strong foundation. 

“Starting every morning with a podcast & a home-cooked breakfast so I feel accomplished about something already! Learning and eating! I also read before bed for about 15-20 minutes and shut of the TV, which really helps calm my anxiety.” – Natalie Micale

“Going to bed 30-60 minutes earlier than normal improves my mood as well as using half of my lunch break to take a walk/move. I write down my daily gratitude.” – Erin Ng

There were moments of physical focus.

“Purchase a foam roller & roll it out daily! I also replace one coffee with green tea.” – Kim Barrett

“I like to stretch while watching Netflix.” – Erin Ng

“I drink a glass of warm water with a squeeze of lemon first thing in the morning & last thing before going to bed at night. I also make my bed every morning & make sure to eat a good breakfast!! Can you tell I’m not at all a morning person?” – Lauren Bruning

“I try to take an outdoor walk for at least 5 minutes each day! I usually try to leave my phone at home or at least keep it in my pocked. It’s just nice to get some fresh air!” – Anna Schoettger

“Dance! Or doing something creative – writing, knitting, painting, cooking, anything!” – Sarah McCurley

That’s a whole lot of positivity & good energy you can add into your week. What ways can you take small steps for good in your life?

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Redefining fitness–to empower you to reach your strongest self. Redefining fitness–to empower you to reach your strongest self.
Redefining fitness–to empower you to reach your strongest self. Redefining fitness–to empower you to reach your strongest self.