Barre Breakdown

Barre classes have been spreading over the country for the last several years – have you accepted the challenge? At Fly, we have our own take on the traditional barre class called flyphysique. For those of you who are barre regulars, you know the drill. If you’ve never made it to flyphysique, it might be a little intimidating to book your first class. Never fear, we’re here to give you the barre breakdown of our flyphysique class and help make you feel ready to plank and squat with the best of them.


Barre classes get their name from the use of the ballet barre to stabilize body-weight workouts – no tutus involved. Like all of our Fly classes, flyphysique is set to an obsessively curated playlist with beats meant to match the energy of 45 minutes of intensity. Focused, full-body exercises target the butt, abs, arms, thighs, and back – and especially work hard-to-tone areas (hello side butt and lower abs!). Pulse and hold through low-impact intervals, overloading the muscles and then releasing them with a quick-release stretch. By activating deep muscles in the body, you’ll walk away feeling longer, more symmetrical, and that sweet amount of sore. This class will help you reach your new highest potential with a dynamic, fast-paced class that leaves you stronger and leaner.


Fly has several rockstar barre instructors on our regular schedule and a whole posse of amazing subs ready to give you one of the best full-body workouts available. With backgrounds such as dance, yoga and competitive sports, our instructors are body experts, working every muscles group safely yet with intensity. Try each of our different instructors for a slightly different class style, all with the flyphysique format.


Like we mentioned, the ballet barre is the centerpiece of the flyphysique class and we make you work it. Combined with bands, exercise balls, small weights, and discs, these simple tools with challenge and change your muscles, increasing your strength.


You don’t need a leotard or ballet bun for barre class (but if that’s your signature style – we won’t stop you!). Most of our members will wear close-fitting exercise pants (or shorts) with some stretch to ensure that wide squat is comfortable. Be prepared to work up a sweat, so make sure you’re top isn’t too warm. Bring your grippy socks or buy them at Fly before class, they are required for your safety. Lastly, make sure your hair is pulled away from your face because you will be combining cardio movements with strength and conditioning.


Barre class is for every body type and will be the perfect addition to your workout regime. Strengthen your abs, arms, back, butt, and legs and tone along the way. The blend of cardio and strength exercises raise your heart rate while engaging your muscles, increasing your athleticism and endurance.

Barre class can be intimidating, but we love beginners. Modifications are always shared in class to make sure you’re getting your best workout. Stop in any day of the week to try our flyphysique class for yourself and find a new kind of strength.

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Redefining fitness–to empower you to reach your strongest self. Redefining fitness–to empower you to reach your strongest self.
Redefining fitness–to empower you to reach your strongest self. Redefining fitness–to empower you to reach your strongest self.