What’s the FLY difference?

What makes fly’s barre classes so effective? The Fly difference.

If you have taken flyphysique (fly’s 45 minute, signature barre class) then you are familiar with our fun, yet killer moves that leave you feeling like you’ve worked your entire body, but also feeling invigorated at the same time. Over time you feel leaner and stronger, having pulsed and pumped through it all.

We start each class with an energizing warmup followed by a series of isometrics and pulses specked with cardio blasts and our signature warmup core/plank series.

We know flyphysique delivers serious results. We’ve seen it and you have too. Do you want to know why? Not only have you seen it, now you can hear some of the science behind the development of fly’s incredible flyphysique class.

Each flyphysique (barre) class is based on 3 primary principles: strategically placed isometric holds, pulses and cardio blasts. Isometric means static, or not moving. When you are not moving, your muscles get tired or fatigue much quicker than when they would if you were moving them. Isometric holds force you to engage both large and small stabilizer muscles and because of this, create symmetry in the body. A plank hold during one of fly’s warmups is an example where you are not moving (isometric) but you are using your core to stabilize.

When you add the pulse, or the small, one inch movements to the hold, you then begin to feel the deep muscle burn. Tiny, one inch movements or movements where you only use a partial range of muscle movement are exercises that are used to build serious strength and lean muscle. They are what we at Fly call “small but big” for their impact on the muscle and the impact they make.

These are pulses and pumps with lots (and lots!) of repetitions and you’ll notice that they’ll fatigue muscles quickly. In our signature flyphysique classes, you might notice that your muscles will feel that deep burning (oh yes!) sensation and yet you don’t feel any joint pain or high impact. This is where you’ll see huge gains, building on your ability to add time & repetitions, seeing big improvements in overall endurance and strength.

Our cardio bursts are an important piece of every flyphysique class and are incorporated to add complete range of motion, energy and dynamic movement into our classes. During these 60 plus second cardio bursts, your heart rates get pumping and your blood is flowing which adds a fantastic cardiovascular conditioning element to our barre classes. It all happens, again, without any added stress on your joints.

The best part? Flyphysique builds inner and outer confidence by showing you how strong you are inside and out. It helps you align your body and build core strength. Not only is it an all encompassing workout, it helps with balance and cardiovascular strength by encouraging you to engage your your spine, core and assists you with improving posture to open up the upper body and strengthen, lengthen and tone.

If you haven’t tried our flyphysique classes yet, try one soon. Check back soon for more of the science behind our other fly classes!

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Redefining fitness–to empower you to reach your strongest self. Redefining fitness–to empower you to reach your strongest self.
Redefining fitness–to empower you to reach your strongest self. Redefining fitness–to empower you to reach your strongest self.