Workout Bag Essentials

Committing to your workout schedule gets a lot easier when you have everything you need and love packed and ready to go to the gym. We asked some of our Fly members and instructors what they can’t live without in their workout bag. Check out their essentials below.


“The Zella Alcove Duffle Bag is perfect for keeping everything organized and if I spill coffee on the fabric, I never have an issue!” – Natalie Micale, flyride and flyfire instructor

“lululemon gym bags are my favorite. I have the duffle and the everyday bag.” – Kerri Otto, flyride and flyhigh instructor


“Chapstick, barre socks, headphones (Dr Beats wireless), iPhone charger, extra lulu sweater, water bottle and amino acids from Amazon.” – Natalie

“Two pairs of fresh socks. There is always someone who shows up to class who has forgotten their socks…when you produce an extra pair, you are suddenly friends for life.” – Jeff Noordhoek, Fly member

“Water bottle and travel kit with cologne, toothpaste, and lotion. Gotta stay fresh!” – Raymonn Adams, flyride instructor

“Lip gloss because my lips get so dry. And, a soft hoodie to throw on post-workout.” – Jenni Bruning Brown, Fly founder

“In-shower body lotion. Winter is coming…and so is dry skin.” – Landon Mattison, Fly member

“Hair ties and post-workout food. I’m a Bobble (hair tie) girl all the way!” – Kerri Otto, flyride and flyhigh instructor

“Love and light lotion from Lush, ibuprofen, Bobble ponytail holders, acai SPF lip balm from Anthropologie, barre socks, my puppy’s leash, and an essential oil blend for yoga class.” – Sydnei Olsen, flyyoga and hot yoga instructor


“A white chocolate macadamia nut Cliff bar!” – Alex Hergenrader, front desk queen

Vegan protein powder and either a cutie, berries or an apple are easily digestible protein and quick carb to get in my body within 10 to 15 minutes post-workout.” – Kerri

“Dark chocolate and peanut butter protein balls.” – Wendy Samson, flyyoga and flyphysique instructor

“Mixed nuts.” – Sydnei

Now’s the perfect time to practice self-care. Make time for yourself at the gym and treat yourself post-workout to a tasty snack, your favorite sweater, or uplifting shower product.

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Redefining fitness–to empower you to reach your strongest self. Redefining fitness–to empower you to reach your strongest self.
Redefining fitness–to empower you to reach your strongest self. Redefining fitness–to empower you to reach your strongest self.