Fly is about more than just the bike, barre and benches. It’s about community. It’s a place with like-minded people who show up some days feeling like a machine and other days they had to push themselves to walk in the front door. It’s about more than a workout. It’s about comradery.

If there is one thing I ever take away from being a part of this Fly community, it would be realizing more than ever that we need other people in life. We need others to push us, to encourage us and to lift us up along life’s path. We are lifted by our neighbor’s energy and positivity on days when you can’t find your own. On days when we feel strong, we give that energy to those around us.

We ride our bikes like we live our life. Life is a journey full of hills, climbs and flat roads. We don’t know what’s next and we don’t know what kind of resistance our neighbor is facing. But we ride together, pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zone to be our best without any expectations. There is no such thing as perfect.

We rise, we fail, we get back on our path and push again.

Some days when life is out of rhythm, you find your space and settle into the beat.

It’s a high, a rush.

It’s our sanctuary.

Jess McEwen is a Fly cycle & HIIT instructor and leads the community in flyfusion classes every Tuesday & Thursday at 11:45AM. 

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