Maintaining consistency in fitness is harder than ever in the midst of this global journey with COVID. We’ve got just the challenge to focus you & reignite that motivation: our annual Superfly challenge is here! And it’s a big one. Sweat with us 40 out of 66 days to cross the finish line & earn Superfly status. Just one class per day counts, so follow these 5 tips to emerge victorious.


  1. Make a plan and be consistent. Our weeks tend to fill up as the days go on, so make a commitment to booking ahead & holding to your plans, time for you is non-negotiable. Count out the days and label your pre-planned workouts in your agenda or phone calendar and book as soon as you’re able to on MindBody.
  2. Build in rest days. This challenge is 66 days long – it’s a big one. Always make time every week for rest and/or active recovery, you don’t want to burn yourself out too early in the challenge. Try a low-impact option or some candlelight yoga to balance out your harder sweat sessions.
  3. Diversify your sweat schedule. This is a long-haul, so balance your workouts with a blend of cardio & strength to keep your body strong & balanced. Plus, trying a new style or instructor keeps things interesting, helps you in maintaining consistency in fitness & keeps you engaged throughout the challenge.
  4. Start strong in the beginning of the challenge. We’ve all been there – a trip comes up, you feel unwell, you hit snooze a feeeew too many times and you’re heading to the final days of the challenge without any flexibility to take a rest day. You need 40 out of 66 days, so make sure you stack a few extra days in the beginning, so you have room at the end of the challenge for extra rest.
  5. Set up small incentives. The challenge spans over 2 months, so making mini goals can help stoke your motivation in the weeks leading up to the end of the challenge. Hit the mid-point? Treat yourself to a new pair of leggings. Or maybe sleep in a little longer on Saturday or get your favorite coffee treat when you hit #10 or #30.

With these tips in mind, it’s time to get Superfly.

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