5 Tips to Reach Your Fitness Goal (EYW Edition)

Earn Your Wings Challenge 2021 is here & we want to see you cross the finish line! Whether it’s Fly’s 30-day motivation challenge or any sort of fitness goal, the key to staying motivated, building positive habits & successfully reaching your goals is to make small adjustments that create the environment for you to thrive.

Here’s our tips for reaching your fitness goal & successfully completing EYW 2021. If you haven’t yet signed up, join the fun by signing up on our Google Form & tracking in-studio or online.

  1. Lay out a consistent plan (and make it achievable!). If you know you want to hit the gym a certain amount times per week, try to choose times that will work with your schedule week over week. If you can start to a build a routine, it won’t feel like every class or time is just an option that can easily be opted out of. Pick classes you love that you’ll look forward to & feel challenged by, and schedule them into your calendar. Just don’t burn yourself out early on in your journey by overbooking yourself & trying to go too hard in a totally new lifestyle.
  2. Commit ahead of time. Make plans with a workout buddy, register for classes every week on MindBody or block out your work calendar to really say to yourself & others, this is my plan & I’m committed to it! If you prioritize this in your life, other people can more easily support you in your goals.
  3. Build a buffer & have a plan B. For the Earn Your Wings challenge, make a plan that gives you a few buffer days earlier in the challenge. That way, if you’re feeling extra sore, under the weather or a last-minute commitment comes up that you simply can’t miss, you don’t tank your motivation & lose your chances to finish. The best thing to do is to have a pre-determined back-up plan if this happens – are you going to commit to an off-day that week? Want to try to hit up a double class? Make a plan B so that you’re ready with bumps in the road naturally appear.
  4. Respect the rest day. When you’re committing to a goal, make sure you’re allowing time for rest. We are not machines & we weren’t built to operate at the highest level all-day, every day. If you don’t build in rest days, you might have the opposite effect than you want – a drop in motivation or a negative association with your new habits.
  5. Make it a treat! Some people thrive under incentives. Maybe you have your eye on a new workout set that you treat yourself to if you successfully complete the challenge. Or, you can do mini week-by-week prizes that give you that little bump every week – your favorite coffee on Sundays after a successful week for example. Or, make the most hype-boosting playlist & queue it up for your drive to the gym. The more positive association you can create with this new habit, the more you’ll want to stick with it!

The best way to ensure your success? A supportive community that shows up for you on the good days & the bad. Make a plan, lock into your goals & let’s earn those wings!

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Redefining fitness–to empower you to reach your strongest self. Redefining fitness–to empower you to reach your strongest self.
Redefining fitness–to empower you to reach your strongest self. Redefining fitness–to empower you to reach your strongest self.