Why You Should Switch Up Your Workout Routine

You’re killing it at the gym. You’re hitting your New Year’s resolution by regularly scheduling your sweat sessions and started the year off strong. But maybe you’re feeling a plateau – it could be mental, physical or both. If you’re feeling bored or frustrated by a slowing of results, you might need to change up your workout routine. A few signs of workout plateau?

  • You no longer feel soreness
  • Your regular sweat sesh is feeling a little stale
  • Whatever your goal was, your progress has stalled even though your workouts haven’t
  • A persistent injury keeps flaring up
  • Your energy levels have stopped spiking post-workout
  • Your after-class hunger has subsided

If you’re feeling one or several of these, chances are you’ve hit a rut and it’s time to switch up your workout routine. Consistency is great when it comes to fitness, but it’s important to keep your brain engaged and your body guessing. Variety not only keeps you climbing toward your goals, it also makes the journey that much more enjoyable. Check out a few common workout ruts below and find out ways to overcome them.

  1. Cardio Champ. You’re front row in every spin class, busting out multiple cycle sessions a week. You might even take on the treadmill for a few miles weekly. When it comes to working out, cardio is your jam. Pushing that heart rate is great for you, but if you start to plateau, you might consider upping your strength training game.

This week: Make a date at the barre. flyphysique will not only help tone and strengthen underappreciated muscles groups, but the low-impact class format will give your joints a break and support a perfected posture that will only improve your cardio sessions.

  1. HIIT Class Hero. If you’ve mastered that heart rate-pushing HIIT class, you’re getting a great full-body workout already, what could you possibly need to work into your routine? Working in some low-impact yoga classes will help your muscles repair while gaining flexibility and core strength.

This week: Heat it up in a hot flyyoga class to warm up those muscles, work up a sweat and stretch it out. Your newfound flexibility will only make you stronger in your flyfire and flyhigh classes.

  1. Barre Buff. If your weekly workouts are all about the pulse and hold, chances are you’ve seen the benefits of regular barre workouts and those typically ignored muscles groups are stronger than ever. The light cardio component of barre could possibly use a little boost to keep your heart strong and your metabolism moving.

This week: Step into the dark and get in touch with your mental game. Working in a couple cycle classes per week is a great way to incorporate cardio and switch up your workout experience from the sun-filled, mirrored barre room to the candlelit-energy of the cycling studio.

  1. Yoga Warrior. You’ve dedicated yourself to the practice of yoga and have been improving your three-legged dog. Your physical balance is insane, but how’s your workout routine balance? Find the rhythm you love so much in timed strength intervals that will challenge you in high-intensity sets.

This week: Brave the HIIT studio and push your heartrate to new heights. It’s great for your body to be challenged in a new way, and 5-minute strength intervals will work all major muscles groups while keeping your heartrate high. The timed intervals will move quickly and you might just find a new rhythm.

Settling into a routine can be a great way to consistently work toward your goals and keep yourself focused on progress. However, you need to switch up your workout routine to push past your plateau and keep seeing progress in your mental and physical strength. Stepping out of your comfort zone and can be intimidating, so enlist a friend to try a new class style with you. You’ve got this!

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Redefining fitness–to empower you to reach your strongest self. Redefining fitness–to empower you to reach your strongest self.
Redefining fitness–to empower you to reach your strongest self. Redefining fitness–to empower you to reach your strongest self.